Examining the Professional Experiences of Women and Underrepresented Minorities in Emergency Medicine


Participate in important interview project on women and minorities in EM!

Purpose of the study: This research seeks to understand how professional peer support influences the experiences of women and minorities in medicine. We are seeking volunteers to participate in in-depth interviews lasting 30-60 minutes. We schedule around you and will work with whatever time you have!

Why this research matters: Research has shown that women in stereotypically masculine fields often lack same-gender colleagues and mentors whose support helps them develop a sense of fit between career choice and identity. We contribute to this literature by examining how relationships formed at professional conferences can influence career fit, support networks, and workplace experiences.

Contact: To volunteer for an interview, or seek more information, contact Dr. Anna Mueller and Alexandra Brewer of the University of Chicago by email at aebrewer at uchicago dot edu.

This research was approved by the Social & Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Board at the University of Chicago under protocol number IRB18-1339. For questions, contact the Principal Investigator, Anna S. Mueller (amueller at uchicago dot edu) or the SBS IRB via Phone: (773) 834-7835 or e-mail: sbs-irb@uchicago.edu