Community Outreach

Professor Mueller enjoys doing community outreach and speaking with schools or other community groups about suicide prevention. If you’re interested in having her come speak to your organization, please send her an email using the form at the end of this page.

Here is a sample abstract from a talk that she gave to a community group as part of National Suicide Prevention Week.

Building Resiliency and Preventing Suicide Contagion after a Suicide in High School
Suicide is a leading cause of death for adolescents between the ages of 10-24. Additionally, while suicide clusters are rare events, they are more common in adolescence and can be devastating for communities and schools. This presentation will review the current state of knowledge about suicide contagion and suicide clusters and will discuss strategies for building youth resiliency and avoiding contagion after a suicide. To do this, the presentation will draw on empirical evidence from both a large-scale longitudinal study of exposure to suicide in adolescence and an in-depth qualitative case study of a community with a significant and enduring problem with adolescent suicide clusters. After this presentation attendees will have a better understanding of (1) what suicide contagion and suicide clusters are, (2) what factors encourage or deter contagion, and (3) what issues schools, communities, parents, and mental health workers must consider when managing a suicide death in a high school or a suicide problem in a community.

Click here for the handout associated with this talk.